Death by a thousand Cuts

Image: Nye Bevan graffiti

July 2, 2016

We hear politicians claim “the NHS is safe in our hands” but do any of us believe these lies?

Go into any A&E. Try and get a GP’s appointment. If you have drug or mental health problems try and get help. Ask anyone with care needs how they cope. We all know the results.

Money won’t solve it all but cuts are killing our health care slowly. When I say “ours” I mean workers and claimants. People like politicians and “the rich” have private health care. They don’t use the NHS.

Image: Nye Bevan graffiti

Staff do their best. Like us they are low paid and have difficulty getting health care for loved ones. One quote I saw recently summed it up, “Zero hours’ contracts, 15 minute visits and neglected elderly people. That’s the reality of care in the UK today.”

I know moaning won’t help. I know I need to do something but the question is what? Beating the crap out of people like Cameron and Osborne won’t help (will it?).

I should support the junior doctors. I should join campaigns and demos to support our NHS. I should let the politicians know I won’t take it anymore. I should kick up a fuss. And I would love others to do the same before they totally destroy our access to free health care. I want more not less. Don’t you?

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