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Billboard bombardment


July 30, 2008

CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME Advertisers try to persuade us that our lives will benefit from buying their products. However, if we spend more money, we are likely to need more money. Unless we’re very lucky, that means we have to work longer and harder to get it or to pay off debts. This doesn’t sound like […]

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Camp for Climate Action a huge success

July 29, 2008

  Many of us from Haringey participated in the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth in Kent, 3-11 August. Following a 60 mile march/caravan from the site of last year’s camp – Heathrow Airport – land near the Kingsnorth Power Station was seized for a week long event attended by 1500-2000 people. The idea was […]

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Save our GP Surgeries

July 28, 2008

Weekly picket of Haringey Teaching & Primary Care Trust HQ. Every Tuesday – 9am-10am at the gates of St Ann’s Hospital (Haringey Primary Care Trust HQ), St Ann’s Road, N15. Evergreen House Surgery patients call on other patients to come and join them in defending local GP surgeries, the cornerstone of the NHS – Tuesdays […]

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Join a local resident group

July 20, 2008

Would you like to meet people, and to share ideas, local information and experiences? Would you like to see people supporting each other, and more community spirit in your neighbourhood? Do you want a safer and better environment, better conditions, more facilities and social justice for you and all your neighbours? Do you believe people […]

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Haringey Independence Day

July 18, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came along to Haringey Independence Day in April (over 200 people). It was a really useful start to building links between activist groups all round Haringey and improving our effectiveness. We are having an initial planning meeting to discuss the idea of a similar event in 2009, on Wednesday 24 September, […]

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