HSG at the Anarchist Bookfair

October 20, 2008

Well, the 2008 Anarchist Bookfair felt like a great success as far as Haringey Solidarity Group are concerned.  Our aim at this national event has been to promote more than just HSG, and to actively push the idea of getting organised locally in our communities and workplaces.

This year we hosted two meetings, the first was a more general discussion on the Whys and Hows of local organising.  As anarchists and libertarians, we need to be getting stuck into our communities, whether by getting involved with existing residents groups and associations, or actively supporting or initiating campaigns on local issues (as well as supporting national and international campaigns at a local level).  But we also need the support of a more politically focused activist group – still at a local level – where we can discuss ideas and come together more effectively.

There were really positive contributions from community activists in Gwent and Reading.  And one of the main messages from the meeting was for anarchists to break out of any political ghetto and realise that we are a part of our local community, and not separate from it.

Our second meeting was co-hosted with a recently formed anarchist group from Camden.  The aim of the meeting was to find ways to support the handful or so of new anarchist or libertarian groups that have recently formed across London.  Useful contributions came from our new friends from Action East End (based in Newham and Tower Hamlets) about the need to build a real base of local groups, rather than relying on empty stunts that have no basis in any ongoing campaign or existing community. The meeting ended with a real feeling that we are finally seeing the start of a resurgence in anarchist organising across London.

A couple of other reports about the Bookfair can be found on on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House (“With capitalism facing a battering, is it a boom time for anarchists?”) and the other on Ian Bone’s blog.

(use their Listen Again feature until Oct 24: the bookfair mention is about 50 minutes in)


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