Haringey Anti-Fascist Coalition oppose BNP in local by-election

September 19, 2008

The fascist BNP are standing in a Haringey Council By-Election on October 9th. The ward in question is Alexandra Ward and the BNP candidate is Frederick Halsey.

This is the first time they have stood in the borough. The Haringey Trades Council meeting on 18th September agreed that it was important that visible opposition is organised to this unwelcome development.

On hearing that they were standing, it was agreed to set up an ad-hoc campaign, Haringey Anti-fascist Coalition, to mobilise people. The aim is to distribute a basic leaflet door to door in the Alexandra ward and to hold a public meeting to rally opposition.

A leaflet drafted by Haringey Federation of Residents’ Associations, Haringey Unison and Haringey Trades Council was distributed to every household in the ward.  

There is also going to be a public meeting on Thursday 2 October, 7.30pm:

Speakers and discussion

at St Andrews Centre, Alexandra Pk Rd (nr Windermere Rd) N10
Bus 102,299 to the door + bus 43,134,234,184 nearby

Meeting called by Haringey Trades Union Council, Haringey UNISON
and the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations

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