Wards Corner – deadline approaches to reject Grainger Appeal

April 7, 2012

DEADLINE TO COMMENT: Wed 11 April 2012

This is your opportunity to support the Council’s decision to reject Grainger’s plan to demolish Wards Corner. It is important that the inspectorate is aware of the public opposition to Grainger’s plans and we need to ensure Grainger’s proposal remains defeated and that the regeneration at Wards Corner is community-led.

The plan was turned down by Haringey Council’s planning committee at a heated meeting last year.

Below is a sample response that can be sent to the inspectorate, you can also find this on the Wards Corner website.

How to comment on Grainger’s appeal:
1. Comments can be submitted via the planning inspectorate’s website:

2. Click on ‘Comment on this case’ and select ‘interested persons’ when the form asks what capacity do you wish to make representations.
The Next WCC meeting is Tue 10 April 2012 (due to Bank Holiday) at 7pm at Book House, High Road, N17 9JB

The WCC still meets every week on Mondays. We’re always happy for anyone to come along.
Email: wardscornercommunity@nullriseup.net          
Website: www.wardscornercommunity.org.uk
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Wards_Corner
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/yazfxY

Case No: APP/Y5420/A/12/2169907

I am writing to object to Grainger PLC’s proposal for Wards Corner and in support of the arguments put forward by Haringey Council and the Wards Corner Community Coalition, for the decision to refuse planning permission to be upheld, for the reasons outlined below.

1. In Support of Haringey’s Reasons for Refusal: Bulk and massing.
1.1   The height of Grainger’s proposal is grossly out of keeping with the surrounding buildings. It interrupts the aesthetic continuity of the street-scene.
1.2   Surrounding streets are lined by Victorian terraced housing with shop frontages to the ground floor. These would be completely overwhelmed by Grainger’s proposed development.
1.3   The four-storey Tesco building has a detrimental impact on the streetscene (The Conservation Area Character Appraisal), and provides a wholly negative reference for new-build on the High Road.
1.4   Grainger’s proposal does not maintain Wards Corner’s sense of place and local identity as required by The London Plan policy 2.15 and 7.4. The Grainger proposal would replace the area’s historic continuity, and unique charm and character with a bland mediocrity.

2.  In Support of Haringey’s Reasons for Refusal: Failure to justify demolition of heritage assets.
2.1   Wards Corner is a key retail location, and its corner, steel-framed building is a local landmark, providing a sense of place, and much-valued by local people.
2.2   The Grainger claim that any solution for the Wards Corner site, apart from their’s, would be financially unviable, is based upon a financial model that is highly questionable.
2.3   Grainger have demonstrated a failure to explore other options to demolition, thus contravening both the wishes of local people and the guidance set out in PPS5 and the Wards Corner/Seven Sisters Underground Development Brief.

In Objection to the Grainger Scheme
Wards Corner and the entire West Green Road district town centre is a retail destination with unique appeal, offering goods and services for everyday shopping needs, and a variety of niche markets. It reflects, and caters for, a huge range of ethnicities and cultures in this diverse borough.

There is already a wide range of comparison shopping within easy reach nearby, against which a similar offer, at Seven Sisters, would be unable to compete. Would it not be better to retain,and encourage, small independent businesses whose diversity currently make the site so attractive to shoppers.

The current economic climate is very different to that of the early 2000’s when the Grainger scheme was conceived and proposed. Countrywide, high streets are struggling, and national retailers are closing stores, as the chain-store-led town centre model proves to be unsustainable. Yet small businesses, with unique, and niche offers, are thriving at Wards Corner.

New development should benefit local people: Grainger’s plan does not consider them. High retail rents would deny existing businesses a future in the area.

Non provision of affordable housing in the scheme contravenes the targets set in Haringey’s Core Strategy.

For the Future
I understand that Wards Corner cannot stay as it is. But it is clear that the Grainger plan does not address the needs of the community. It is a very poor solution. The community has viable proposals for the site that offers an opportunity for productive collaboration between all stakeholders. This could provide a sustainable future for Seven Sisters that builds on its demonstrable strengths. I urge you to uphold Haringey’s decision to refuse permission to Grainger’s proposal.


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