UCKG now chased out of Wood Green Sainsbury’s

December 30, 2008

It’s Christmas time in Haringey, and that usually means you can’t move for UCKGers shaking a bucket at you. It’s not enough that they tap their own members for cash (10% tithes, before tax, and even if you’re claiming benefits), but in December they see fit to empty the pockets of cash-strapped passers by as well.

This year they went a step further and found themselves a prime position, at Sainsbury’s checkouts – a collecting position too far for some local residents, who complained to the store manager and to their customer care line. 

Initially the complaints were rebuffed, the supermarket bosses claiming it wasn’t their problem.  But a few more calls and incensed emails, and UCKG were sent packing.  Apparently the Wood Green store manager “was not fully aware of the organisation’s background”.

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