Stand Up for Council Housing! Haringey meeting on Tues 18 Dec

December 18, 2012

Haringey Defend Council Housing!
7.30pm, Tuesday 18th December
Whitehall & Tenterden Community Centre
Whitehall Street, Tottenham, N17 8BP
[On the right, under the bridge at the end of Whitehall Street]
All Welcome
This Government is cutting housing benefit levels, introducing less secure tenancies, and driving up rents. But tenants are resisting, and now is the time to stand up for council housing.
The Council has responded to harsh new benefit caps by considering housing local homeless families outside London: some of them in the North of England.  Instead, we need proper rent controls on landlords, to make local housing truly affordable.
We say that Haringey Council must not use time-limited tenancies for new tenants, or agree to Housing Associations using near-market level rents. The government calls such rotten new tenancies “Affordable Rent” – what a joke.
The Council has produced a Plan to regenerate Tottenham. But the Plan would drive up both house prices and rents, and make the area unaffordable for thousands of local people.  Many local shops would close, and be replaced by corporate sales outlets. Local people deserve much better than this.
Any housing regeneration scheme must be shaped by the tenants themselves, and made fully responsive to the needs of local people, rather than the needs of property developers.

Together, we can win!

Why not come along to our open meeting:
Haringey Defend Council Housing
Tuesday 18th December
Contact HDCH: Paul Burnham     
07847 714 158

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