Save Bull Lane Playing Fields!

August 21, 2008

The Weir Hall Action Group is stepping up its 20-year long campaign to save the Bull Lane Playing Fields on the Haringey/Enfield border near the new Sixth Form Centre in North Tottenham. They are supported by the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum and the Haringey Federation of Residents’ Associations.

They are opposing Council plans to sell off some of the Council-owned green space for housing, and are developing their own community plan to manage the site for much needed sports and related activities. A decision is due to be made on September 16th.

In a statement issued this week, August 16th, the Weir Hall Action Group say:

One of the last remaining sports playing fields that serve the people of Tottenham is now under real threat of being lost. Anyone who lives in Tottenham will know the dire shortage of open space in the east of the Borough. With the exception of the Frederick Knight Sports Ground in Willoughby Lane (which is booked to capacity) there are no other sports grounds left in the area other than Bull Lane Playing Fields.

For Haringey Borough Council to pursue such a policy does without doubt destroy any green credentials that they might claim to have. Why should Tottenham be asset-stripped of its access to open spaces, more and more people are being crammed in the east of Haringey with less and less open space?

What kind of signal is the existing Haringey Borough Council (Labour) giving the youth of the Borough when, with the Olympic games in sight, they now want to destroy the very green fields that will be needed to produce participants?

There has already put forward a proposal to save the site with the funds being raised through the Lottery and the Marathon Trust.

Haringey Borough Council are due to make a decision at their Cabinet meeting at the Civic Centre, Wood Green on Wednesday 16th September 2008.

To support the campaign send your views by letter/email to:,,
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