Local residents organise to create “community pub”

July 16, 2013

Local residents in Tottenham are organising to try and prevent the Antwerp Arms from being shut down, and to turn it into a community pub. They are holding a public meeting on Monday 22 July at the Lancasterian School, N17, from 18:00 to 19:00 so that people can find out more.

 According to local residents the pub has been around for about 150 years and came about through the merging of an adjoining shop and cottage. It was well-run until about 15 years ago, when “the brewery and the landlords refused to let people have proper tenancies on the pub,” says our contact. “They only wanted managers tied to their inferior brewery and second rate products.”

The organisers of the public meeting have said in a statement:

“We are looking at how we, as a group of concerned members of the local community can form a Co-operative to purchase the ‘historic’ Antwerp Arms in Church Road, N17.

“We want to save the 150 year old Antwerp, which until not so very long ago was very much loved as a local community asset and well-used by local people before the breweries and their landlords spoilt it.

“We now want to see if we can all run it as a Community Pub.

“Otherwise it’s probably going to be turned into a block of flats by private developers.”

Details of the meeting:

Monday 22 July
Lancasterian School, N17

Meet Redemption Brewery – Information on setting up a community pub – Register your support – Free refreshments

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