J30: HSG Big Breakfast and local picket info

June 28, 2011

This Thursday, 30 June, workers across Haringey will be striking over attacks on their pensions. Members of UCU, NUT, ATL and PCS unions will be picketing outside local workplaces from 7.30am.

Come and join Haringey Solidarity Group and others at the picket line outside Tottenham Job Centre on Thursday morning. We’ll be meeting at 8am at Aldi supermarket on Tottenham High Road (just north of Bruce Grove) to get some croissants and other breakfast-like options before heading to the job centre. Many of us will then be heading down to the CONEL rally at 9.30am.

Wherever you are in Haringey, there will be a picket line near you.  See the list below. (In addition, schools across the borough will be closed, but Haringey NUT have been pushing for no picket lines – more reason to support few that are happening if you live nearby.)

So, call in sick, take the day off work and head down.  (And for those who will be working, there’s always the early shift, when striking picketers will be very grateful for any support.)

Picket lines from 7.30am

    * CONEL college, High Road, Tottenham (near Seven Sisters)
    * Tottenham Job Centre, High Road,  Tottenham (corner of Lansdowne Road)
    * Wood Green Job Centre, Western Road (near Station Road), Wood Green
    * Wood Green Crown Court, Lordship Lane (near Wood Green)
    * Tottenham Magistrates Court, Lordship Lane (Bruce Grove end)
    * Park View School, West Green Road (Langham Road)
    * Hornsey School for Girls, Inderwick Road, Crouch End

Haringey Protest rally at 9.30

    * Unite the resistance – everyone is invited to the protest rally at CONEL college at 9.30am
    * Bring banners, placards and lots of noise!

March against the government

    * Join thousands of strikers and protesters from across London for a mass demonstration called by PCS, NUT, UCU and ATL trade unions
    * Assemble 11.30am Lincoln Inn Fields, near Holborn tube – march to parliament


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