Haringey Claimants Action Group

October 20, 2009

A claimants’ support group was set up in Haringey in October 2009. Anyone who is claiming benefits (not just the unemployed) is welcome to join us. We can be contacted at claimants@nullharingey.org.uk

Benefits are a right 

– not a privilege! 

What’s the problem?  Housing Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance, working tax credit, child benefits – many of us are claimants in some way and we need to defend our benefits in the same way that we need to defend all of our living conditions.

Under the guise of ‘modernisation’ and ‘fair reform’, the government is trying to pass its problems onto ordinary people. While bankers pocket millions of public money and politicians rip us off, services and benefits are cut. The government has tried for years to cut down on what it pays in benefits by making it harder to claim, and forcing vulnerable people into work. The current situation is no different, but we can fight back.

As if this was not bad enough, claimants are harassed and treated with disrespect while claiming their legal entitlements. 

How can we fight back?   We must all fight for claimants’ rights – even if you don’t claim benefits at present, who knows what the future holds? Tens of thousands of local people are claimants. By acting together and  supporting each other we can demand everyone has access to benefits, a decent income and services they need, despite the barriers the authorities may put in front of us.

By building up awareness and solidarity we can force the system to work for us, and demand improvements. There are many tactics, campaigns and actions we can take but they’ll only work if we act collectively. Let’s say loud and clear: 

A decent income for all!

Who’s involved in the Claimants Action Group?    We are local residents determined to campaign on issues affecting claimants: unwaged, single parents, pensioners, unemployed, people with disabilities, low-waged and supporters. We have been through many of the hassles and harassments ourselves, and now want to support each other and fight back.

What do we do?   We want to encourage each other and all claimants to combat hardship, discrimination, and harassment. We oppose mistreatment when claiming JSA, Income Support, Housing Benefit or other benefits, and trouble with access to public services. We believe that through solidarity and collective action we can make material improvements to people’s situations.

How to get involved

We no longer hold regular meetings but we can be contacted at claimants@nullharingey.org.uk

The Claimants Action Group was set up by, and is supported by, Haringey Solidarity Group.


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