December 24, 2020

Tottenham Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Enfield BLM are deeply saddened and angry at the unprovoked racist assault on 10th December 2020 by the police against a black schoolboy outside Parkview Academy in West Green Road near Park View School.  The police stopped a 16-year-old boy and some friends who were collecting their GCSE certificates. Footage shot by passers-by shows a policeman not only holding the boy forcefully, but then while restraining him, punching the boy in the face. You can view the footage here:

On Saturday 19th December about 300 people attended the demo against Tottenham police to protest about the police assault. The copshop was closed and people occupied the road for over 2 hours. Powerful speakers, mainly local black and antiracist activists, included Rose (a member of the Haringey Housing Action Group) and her daughter. Chanting included ‘No Justice, No Peace, No Racist Police’, and others spoke against the black MP David Lammy, who did not attend the protest, despite having been invited by some members of Tottenham Black Lives Matter.

We condemn and express our anger and disappointment towards Tottenham Police, as the force shows that no lessons were learned from the extremely controversial death of Mark Duggan (and many others).

Other organisations and groups supported this protest such as Stand Up to Racism and Extinction Rebellion, as well as members of the Haringey Solidarity Group.

Tottenham Black Lives Matter can assure Haringey Police that further community anti-racist actions will take place if their reasonable list of demands is not adequately addressed.

In Unity for Justice

Defend the Black Youth

Haringey Solidarity Group

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