BP – Guilty of Climate Crimes!

BP Protest in Tottenham Hale

July 6, 2010

BP Protest in Tottenham HaleHSG organised a protest against giant corporation BP on Saturday 26 June outside Tottenham Hale BP Garage as part of Haringey Sustainability Month. The aim was to draw attention to the many climate crimes BP is responsible for, all in the name of profit, show solidarity with workers exploited by the corporation and encourage people to build collective and local alternatives to the climate crisis.

See below for how we can take action collectively in our communities to fight climate change and create a future sustainable society.

BP – Guilty of Climate Crimes!

The dangerous greed of BP has seen them trashing the planet in pursuit of profit – across the world, BP is guilty of climate crimes that should all be front page news.

The Gulf of Mexico: BP’s faulty drilling results in one of the worst oil spills in history, killing workers, endangering wildlife across the region and leaving a massive clean-up operation.

Canada: Extraction of millions of barrels of tar sands oil, producing 3-5 times the greenhouse gases of conventional oil, causing mass deforestation and polluting indigenous communities.

Colombia: In January, industrial action organised by trade unionists in the region of Casanare was severely repressed by BP, with the help of a special police force known for anti-worker violence.

Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline: This crude oil pipeline, running through Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, was financed by BP, visibly scarring the landscape and wrecking areas of great natural beauty, including natural spring water reserves.

Not to mention communities across the world! While adding to the wealth of a few, BP is destroying the common wealthe of the many. We need to act locally to resist companies like BP dictating the way our economies are structured – for profit and against the environment.

See below for how we can take action collectively in our communities to fight climate change and create a future sustainable society.


Building Alternatives to the Climate Crisis

BP Protest banners
Oppressive and destructive corporations like BP do not serve the general interest. We need to end our dependency on oil and fossil fuels, which gradually destroys the planet and our lives, and aim for the development of renewable energy managed by the community.

We can organise locally and take back control of our lives and environment by building sustainable communities for the benefit of all. People in Haringey are getting together to form collective, grassroots alternatives and solutions to the climate crisis. 

Contact Haringey Solidarity GroupBP Protest banners if you would like to get more involved.

Or visit Sustainable Haringey website for more information about what’s going on sustainability-wise in the borough.

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