Over 500 attend massive public meeting and demand no sell offs or cuts to the Whittington Hospital

February 15, 2013

On the evening of Tuesday 12th over 550 people filled Archway Methodist Hall’s main room, three overspill rooms and the foyer. Staff from the hospital board were unable to convince angry members of the public that their proposals to sell of the site, sack 570 staff and reduce the beds from 330 to 177 (despite recent red alerts over over-occupancy of beds) are acceptable, and the meeting called for the proposals to be dropped.


There is a report covering the meeting in the Islington Gazette.

If the proposals for the Whittington go ahead, it would have a negative impact on other hospitals in the locality as they would be forced to take in patients who previously would have been served by the Whittington.

Hospitals across London are being decimated. We have to up the ante…

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition is already part of the London-wide coalition ‘Defend London’s NHS’, launched this week, and is also part of the save the hospitals campaigns

This Saturday is a London Day of Action for the NHS, with protests, meetings and event planned across the city. There have also been calls for a London and national demonstration to save our health service.

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition – Upcoming activities

  • Saturday 16th, 12 midday – Please let us know if you would like to join a stall for the Day of Actionfor the NHS this Saturday at Nags Head near Morrisons
  • Monday 18th February 7.30pm, Archway Methodist Hall (downstairs room), Archway Close, N19 3TD
    • Campaign Planning Meeting – We would like participants from every group – neighbourhood, political, campaign, healthworkers including consultants, trade union, patients…
    • Donations from organisations will be gratefully received at this meeting
  • Demonstration
    • This is planned for Saturday 16th March, and is currently being negotiated with TFL, the local and Met police and Islington council.

Watch this space for further information about London and NHS demonstrations!

If anyone has any further questions for us or the board, please email them to us.

A big thankyou to the local and national press and TV for the coverage they have given to the campaign, which has really helped us to build awareness of it.

We look forward to seeing you at our activites to Stop the Sell-off!

Best wishes

Shirley Franklin
Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition


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