HSG anti-election roadshow

HSG stall

May 29, 2010

We spent the month before the general election enthusiastically distributing the latest “anti-election” issue of our newsletter. With street stalls every weekend, tube station distributions and door-to-door delivery, we handed out all 5,000 copies of the Totally Indypendent in just over four weeks.

In fact we had so much fun that we completely forgot to post our reports on the website.  So below is a report from our stall on 1st May:

“We had an excellent anti-election stall at Wood Green this Saturday.  It’s hard to draw people away from the joys of the ‘Shopping City’ (don’t you need to have a cathedral to qualify for city status?), but they flockeHSG stall d to grab a free copy of our limited edition newsletter. 

Over 300 newsletters passed from our hands, and several shoppers stopped to chat or pick up some leaflets.  Unlike previous weeks, we had no rival election commentators, although a small gaggle of young SWPers set up a stall to campaign against the BNP.  Well, you can’t argue with that, can you? 

I think we should thank, though, the stall of faith healers who came over to lay hands on an injured member of our team.  And with God on our side, how could we not fail to have a great day?”

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