HSG and workplace disputes gone by

August 1, 2008

Over the years Haringey Solidarity Group (HSG) has supported a number of workers who have been in dispute, in one way or another, with their bosses. Apart from the rare exception, most of these disputes have ended with the workers generally not getting what they demanded. In most cases, even though the final outcome may been seen as a failure, there have been a number of successes along the way and some very good lessons which we should learn from.

Below are summaries of two disputes we have been heavily involved with. These are the J.J. Fast Food workers who were sacked by their boss for trying to unionise the workforce, and the Arnaouti bakery workers who went on strike for better pay and conditions. Even though neither dispute got the workers what they demanded and left a number of those who took action without jobs, the two reports on these actions give us valuable information for future struggles – both in the workplace and beyond.

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