Haringey Uncut – Natwest Bail-In (Sat 26 Feb)

February 24, 2011

The Royal Bank of Scotland, which owns Natwest, was bailed out by the British taxpayer at a cost of £45bn – more than half the amount of the government’s £81bn four-year cuts programme. Despite us now having an 84% share in RBS, the bank has continued to pay massive bonuses to investment bankers and to gamble with our money.

Meanwhile the government are making ordinary people suffer the consequences of the banks’ greed and recklessness. They could make the banks pay but instead they choose to make people pay by cutting vital public services.

On Saturday, we will be protesting against cuts to the housing budget and welfare benefits, which will drive poor people out of their homes, increase homelessness and make council housing support services unmanageable.  We will turning a branch of Natwest into a home and creating a space for people with housing problems to support each other.

RBS and Natwest must pay for the crisis they caused.
Join us and let’s stop the cuts!

Meet 12noon, Sat 26 February outside Wood Green Tube Station. Bring placards, banners, home furnishings…

This protest is organised by people from Haringey Housing Action Group as part of a UK Uncut national day of action.

Contact Haringey Housing Action Group for more information.

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