Our Manifesto: What we stand for

Our Homes – Our Neighbourhoods – Our Workplaces – Our Services – Our Lives – Our Voices

1. We are a local collective group, actively promoting non-hierarchical, anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist, and pro-working class ideas and ways of life.

2. We believe the needs of people, communities and the environment must always come before money and power.

3. We encourage opposition to whatever keeps people dependent, fragmented and isolated, and we support actions aimed at raising people’s expectations and aspirations — including improving the situation faced in Haringey, or anywhere.

4. We are on the side of workers’ struggle for better pay, working conditions, and control over their workplaces. We believe public services, welfare benefits, people’s rights, and other necessities of life must be extended and improved. 

5. Decent, affordable housing is a right for all. We support struggles for affordable rents and to improve people’s conditions and their control over their own homes.

6. We support actions and movements that help to defend the most vulnerable in our society, including refugees and other migrants. We believe in building a truly equitable society with justice for all at the core.

7. We promote and support alternative and radical ideas, and collective action. We resist all forms of oppression, exploitation, injustice, and discrimination that the global governmental/capitalist system creates.

8. Governments and capitalism need to be replaced by workers control of workplaces, and community control of neighbourhoods, horizontally federated across Haringey, London, England and the world. 

9. The current environmental crisis requires an urgent cultural, social and economic change. We must create a new way of life based on humanity, respect, sharing, co-operation and free self-expression. 

We call everyone to come together to take action. Now is the time. 

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” – Arundhati Roy