Support the protest at the UK housing awards

November 17, 2021

On Thursday the 25th of November the social housing industry will be wining and dining in style at the UK housing awards, to congratulate themselves on their achievements.


While they celebrate their tax-free gains and generous pay for their top directors, many of their tenants are suffering high rents, poor maintenance, and dangerous buildings.

The housing associations have boomed as deregulation of the sector has allowed them to operate like private developers, building poor quality homes to sell or rent at market level prices. Meanwhile the housing crisis and lack of truly affordable homes is getting worse.


The Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC) will be outside hosting their own alternative awards to recognise the worst offending landlords.


Are you a tenant of a social housing landlord?


Bring your placards to explain why your landlord should get a ‘golden toilet award’.


Can you provide a quote for the press release in advance about your experience and why you support this protest?


Meet outside Greenwich North tube station from 5pm to 5.30pm and then march together to the hotel where the awards are taking place.


Bring a torch to light up the banners.


If you want to speak to someone to check arrangements before you arrive you can call Gaius on 07950016900 or email


Please share the event on social media





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