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Where the *UCK did our park go?

June 30, 2021

Last Thursday (24th June) the green bit of play space on Elizabeth Place, off Lawrence Rd, Tottenham, Haringey was boarded up without notice, without planning permission, without consultation, without any warning whatsoever – is planning a meaningless “tick box” process? ***NEW (29/06/21) Updated with Section 106 decision & council meeting minutes Planning Subcommittee Thursday 3rd […]

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Cooperation Tottenham Food Co-op

May 29, 2021

Cooperation Tottenham Food Co-op   Our communities have been hit hard by years of austerity and most recently, Covid-19. This ongoing crisis has left many of us poorer, with no access to public services and isolated in our struggles. Decisions about our housing, education, jobs and health are made by strangers, who don’t know us, […]

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