Videos of actions initiated or supported by HSG since 1990

Poll Tax, 1990/1: An overview of the inspiring grassroots mass campaign in Haringey


Haringey Civic Centre protest


McLibel/Anti-McDonald’s campaign, 1990-2005

Documentary shown on BBC (The 2 defendants were both involved in HSG)


Anti-Workfare:  Oct 2014, HSG Boycott Workfare occupationof Urban Futures


Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, 2007

Community Action Part 1

Community Action Part 2

Note that HSG supported the setting up of the HFRA in 2001.


Workplace Struggles

Visteon Occupation, March 2009


Post Offices strike, approx 2009


Anti-cuts occupation of Civic Centre, 2011

Demo outside, and invasion


Housing/estate agents, 2012/3

Haringey Community Inspectors [Extract only]

[NOTE: just the last 3 mins of a long documentary on regeneration]  

Haringey Letting Agents visited by ‘Community Housing Inspectors’ demanding affordable, secure tenancies – 6/10/2012

Haringey Letting Agents second visit (Update) – 27/4/2013

Protests over ‘Community Work Placements’ exploiting the unemployed as cheap labour – Sept/Oct 2014



Haringey Housing Action Group solidarity protest


HSG/HHAG protest



‘Give Our Kids a Future’ demo, 2011

3,000-strong march from Hackney to Tottenham


Our Tottenham launch, 2013

Public launch


The first conference


1000 Mothers March, 2014



Black Lives Matter police station protest, 2020