**START HERE** Writing articles for the website

June 27, 2010

Writing an article for the site is pretty straightforward, although there are some bugs in joomla.

Here is a very quick guide


  1. Click on “Submit a new article” in the User Menu on the left hand side.
  2. Use the WYSIWYG Editor in the middle of the screen to compose your article, remembering to give it a title.
  3. If you are copying in text from another source, e.g. an email, then paste it into notepad or a similar application first, to get rid of formatting. This is so that your article text is displayed using the standard HSG website fonts, and so the site doesn’t look a mess (or ignore this step if you want it to look a mess).
  4. Submit an image. Click on the Image button below the editor box.
    • Upload one from your computer. Click on the website image folder that you want to upload your image to, then click on Browse (to find the image on your computer). Please change the dpi so that the file size isn’t massive.  It can be something like 72dpi.
    • Use one from another website. Copy the URL of the image you want to use and paste it into the Image URL box. This can create problems if the original website moves the image.
  5. Insert a “Read more” page break if you’re posting a long article (e.g. after the 3rd or 4th para): place your cursor where you want the break and click the Read More button at the bottom of the editor.  
  6. Assign your article to a Category (they’re listed on the left hand side). Click on the Publishing tab, under Category, pick one of the headings under Topic.
  7. Tags. Tag your article with some key phrases if you want.
  8. If you want your article to go on the front page (this will almost always be the case), under Featured, choose Yes. Articles that don’t go on the front page will get listed on the side bar on the right, and will appear on their Topic page.
  9. Click Save. Depending on what publishing status you have, your article will either be forwarded for moderation, or will go straight up.
  10. If, after you’ve saved your article, you want to edit it, then log in and click on the Edit icon (a piece of paper with a pencil on it).  This will take you back to your article. 

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