Week of action against Welfare Reform Bill (7-15 March)


March 7, 2009

fraudposterWhile the government has bailed out the banks with our money, they have been stealthily rushing through a bill that will virtually abolish welfare for single parents and disabled people.

The Bill proposes a number of changes:
• phasing out income support for single parents, and cutting incapacity benefit and carers’ allowance.
• introducing a US-style workfare scheme
• increased conditions for claimants, including taking off payment for missed interviews and non-compliance with drug testing, and pressure to undertake “training”
• privatising more of the Jobcentre Plus work, with companies being paid more the less benefits they award

No wage slavery – No dole slavery

The vote on the bill is expected near the end of March, so we need to kick up a stink now.  A week of action has been called for 7-15 March to let as many people as possible know what is at stake, and to create enough of an opposition that the bill gets binned. In Haringey, we will be leafleting outside Jobcentres – in Tottenham, Finsbury Park and Wood Green. Check our calendar for dates and come along. If you can’t make the dates but would like to take action locally, get in touch, or see the London Coalition Against Poverty website for a toolkit on the bill, with ideas for action, a sample leaflet and press release, and more background information.


Links: Video of protest at Mare Street Job Centre Plus ¦




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