UCKG chased out of libraries

July 30, 2008

Following a protest by a library user in the summer 2008, the Head of Haringey Libraries banned the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God fundamentalist sect from usage of any library premises. ‘Rescue of Dignity’  (a front organisation for UCKG) had been using Wood Green Library on a regular base on Friday afternoons. Their leaflet: ‘Support for prisoners and their families’ failed to mention that they are front organisation for the UCKG.


UCKG were the sect to which Victoria Climbie – a young child in Haringey – was taken by her aunt, Kouao in 2000. Victoria died after being starved to death to ‘cure her’ of being ‘possessed by demons’.  Kouao and her boyfriend, Carl Manning, were jailed for life in January 2001 for the murder.

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