Stop the Great Fuel Robbery – Fri 15 Feb, 11am – Wood Green Peoples Assembly

Stop the Great Fuel Robbery

February 12, 2013

Stop the Great Fuel RobberyThirteen of the 19 wards in Haringey are likely to be at risk from fuel poverty. One in four households in the UK are choosing between heating and eating this winter, as fuel bills hit record highs.

But the government keeps cutting and the profits of the Big Six energy companies keep rising.
Meanwhile, the government and Big Six want to generate more of our energy from dirty and expensive gas power, which will send fuel bills even higher and contribute to rising food prices through climate change.

Join us in Haringey as part of a UK-wide weekend of fuel bill assemblies and action!

Friday 15th February, 11am
outside Wood Green Library, High Road, N22

We’re holding a people’s assembly to share stories and ideas.
Bring your fuel bills, banners and placards, and blankets, flasks and hot water bottles to keep warm.

Organised by Fuel Poverty Action (Twitter @FuelPovAction) & Haringey Solidarity Group.

Supported by: Hornsey Pensioners Action Group and Haringey Housing Action Group

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