Report of Protest at Genesis HQ

May 10, 2013

On Thursday 10 May, over 15 people from Haringey and Brent travelled to Edgware Road to hold a protest outside the main offices of Genesis Housing Association – a major social landlord in the borough. 

In April, the Conservative-Liberal coalition trialed a benefit cap on 4 London boroughs, one of which is Haringey.  This has slashed the amount of benefits that the poorest in our borough can claim – meaning less money to spend on children, food, clothing and rent. 

Genesis had recently sent out letters to 57 Haringey residents, informing them that they were beginning court proceedings to evict them, because the tenants were affected by these welfare reforms.

And this is why we protested out Genesis Housing Association this morning.  As a profit-making enterprise, Genesis make £millions from impoverished and vulnerable people and families.  As local residents and workers, we don’t want to see ordinary families evicted so that the bankers and politicians can re-balance their debt sheet. 

On a blustery May morning, we handed out leaflets to the public and attempted to serve the Chief Executive of Genesis, Neil Haddon, with an eviction order unless he halted the court proceedings. Unfortunately neither he nor anyone else from Genesis was prepared to take it. 

We were barred from entering the lobby but Genesis Housing Association closed their reception area, to prevent any of us from highlighting their lack of humanity to any of their employees inside.  Some of the protesters are writing a letter to the Genesis Chief Executive, demanding a meeting, to explain our problem with their policy and highlight the threat to ordinary people in our borough.  Cap Rents – Not Benefits was the cry that rang out in their corporate foyer this morning.  

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