[community centres] Urgent: Community Centres Hiring Opportunities Draft Questionnaire

Dave Morris davetottenham at googlemail.com
Sat May 22 16:19:12 BST 2021

Hi all

At the last meeting we had with Poppy Thomas of the Council it was 
agreed to try to publicise Centres who are looking to hire out space to 
groups. Also a number of groups regularly contact the Council or the 
Bridge Trust seeking information on where to book rooms for their 

To make this process easier for all concerned, we agreed to draft up a 
Hiring Opportunities Questionnaire for all Centres to fill in (see my 
Draft Questionnaire below - PLEASE CHECK). At the same time the Council 
has drafted a Hiring Needs Questionnaire for groups seeking to hire 
venues to fill in regarding their needs (see the second Draft at the end 

Please check the first Draft below (the one for each Centre to fill in) 
to make sure there's nothing important I have missed out!

Can you get back to me with any proposed amendments by Wednesday 5pm?


Dave Morris, Lordship Hub

- for the Haringey Community Centres Network



*_Draft Hiring Opportunities Questionnaire for Community Centres to fill 
in re your hiring/space booking opportunities_*

*1. Details of your centre*

Name of Centre


Info online (egwebsite link)

Contact details for bookings/bookings process:   eg Email:........   

*2. Details of spaces available for hire*

Number of spaces and their size(s)


Time available (eg day / evening / weekends)

Availability regularity (eg one off bookings / regular weekly / ongoing 
and sub-letting)

Physical accessibility (eg wheelchair access, toilets included?)

Specialist spaces/facilitiesavailable (eg we have a sports hall, 
nursery, outside space, café, kitchen, computer room, other)

*3. Any 'for or against' criteria on bookings*

We are positively seeking and/or especially suitable for:

- type of organisations/activity (eg sport / disability groups / 
particular BAME community groups / local area community groups / private 
parties, etc etc)

We are generally not seeking and/or not suitable for:

- type of organisations/activity (eg groups outside the area / 
commercial groups / private parties etc etc)

4. Any further comments or useful information about your Centre




*_Draft Hiring Needs Q_**_uestionnaire for groups seeking to hire space 
from Community Centres [to be used by the Bridge Renewal Trust and 
Haringey Council]_*


 1. *Details of your organisation:*

     1. Name of organisation
     2. Main activities & who you serve
     3. Info online? (eg website link)
     4. Contact details

*        2. Details of space needed:*

 1. Information on proposed activity
 2. What size of space is needed? (either area, or capacity – number of
 3. What is your budget?
 4. What days & times are you proposing?
 5. How often do you require the space (one off, regular weekly/monthly,
 6. How long do you need the space for (e.g. 6-month project, 1 year,
 7. Specific requirements of space (e.g. sports hall, nursery, outside
    space, café, kitchen, computer room, other)
 8. Location requirements (eg whereabouts in Haringey)
 9. Accessibility requirements

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