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Hi everyone

So far 5 Community Centres have successfully filled in the 'Spaces For 
Hire' form - Lordship Hub, The Engine Room, IVOUK (Tottenham Hale), 
Markfield Project , and Cypriot Community Centre.

Hornsey Vale Centre - your form filling was apparently unsuccessful, 
please try again!

Everyone else - please fill it in if you are looking to hire out some of 
your space(s)! - at this link:

Re groups seeking to hire some space for themselves, here's one (below) 
that the Council have passed on to us. Feel free to contact them direct 
if you/they fit their/your criteria!


*Name of organisation*


*Main activities & beneficiaries/users*


*Do you have any information online? Please include a link.*


*Contact email address*


*Contact phone number*


*What will the space be used for? Please provide information on proposed 


*What size of space is needed?*


*What is your budget?*


*What days & times are you looking for space?*


*How often do you require the space?*


*Do you have any specific requirements of the space?*


*Location requirements*


*Accessibility requirements*


*Do you consent to the details you have provided in this form being 
shared with potential venues?*

Visionaries Learning Centre CIC


Visionaries Learning Centre  CIC (VLC), provides education support to 
young people who are from, but not limited to, socially deprived 
backgrounds between the ages of 5-16. We provide tuition support to 
young people in Maths, English, Science and Drama (Primary and 
Secondary  KS 2-KS 5) during term time only. We provide support for 
young people who may also wish to do GCSE resits or exam preparations. 
Part of our service also entails supporting students who may be in 
College or University education and need assistance with essay 
referencing, proof reading and CV writing.




info at visionarieslearningcentre.co.uk 
<mailto:info at visionarieslearningcentre.co.uk>


0203-488-8523 or 07487640737


The space will be used for delivering tuition lessons to young people.

Tutoring groups are usually on 5:1 ratio


The space would need to accommodate 15-20 people


£35 for two hours


Every Friday from 4-6pm  *during school term time only


Weekly during school term time only


Tables and chairs, for students to be able to comfortably sit (with 
enough space for social distancing requirements).  teacher/tutor should 
also be able to sit at the table with students. . Ratio is 5:1 . having 
6 around a table. One extra table and chair for the centre administrator 
will also be required please.

4 tables , 21 chairs,  (1 extra table for one person)




Wheelchair access will be ideal for any students or tutors who use one.



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