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Hi Dave

Is this form still active? We were hoping to fill it out but I get a page saying This form doesn't exist


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Probably worth filling the form in if nothing else than to show willing..



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Subject: [community centres] Your Community Centre: details of your facilities for hire - please fill in the form!

Haringey Community Centres Network

Your Community Centre: details of your facilities for hire - please fill in the form!

Haingey Community Centres Hiring Opportunities Questionnaire

Hi all

Many Centres are now looking for new potential hiring opportunities, and many community groups/projects may now be looking around to find what venues may be available for their occasional or regular activities. To help support Centres we, along with Poppy Thomas at the Council, have created an online form (see above) for Centres to fill in and outline what spaces and slots may be available at their Centre, and a separate form (see below) for interested groups to identify their needs.

Its an entirely voluntary scheme in which details of interested groups will be forwarded by Poppy either direct to the relevant Centres who've filled in a form saying they have specific facilities to hire, or to me for circulating to our HCCN list generally. Of course every Centre will continue to run their own hiring system completely independently, exactly as before. Its just you may get the occasional extra query to consider from a group who's filled in a form articulating their own needs - its entirely up to you and them whether you contact each other and whether or not you make any hire agreement. More detail of how it will be run is set out at the end below.

So please fill out the Hiring Opportunities form by clicking on the link above!

best wishes

Dave, for the HCCN

Note: This is the form which interested community groups (not Centres) will be asked to fill in about their needs.


HCCN/LBH/Bridge Trust collaboration protocols

1.      The above organisations will collaborate in helping match requests by groups for hiring space, with Community Centres who have identified available space for hire.

2.      The information will come from the voluntary completion of forms by interested groups and the participating Centres.

3.      The information will be shared within the above organisations, each of whom will designate specific officers who will hold the information in confidence to be used only for the agreed purposes.

4.      Once the information submitted within the form has been shared for any potential follow up by a group or Centre, direct communication is entirely a matter for those participating. There is no pressure, promise or obligation for either party to follow up, negotiate or make any agreement. LBH/BRT/HCCN have no view about, further involvement in or responsibility for what may or may not transpire.

5.      Participating groups and Centres have the right to update their information given, to withdraw their participation, or have their information deleted, at any time.

6.      The 3 organisations will review the progress of the project at intervals, each organisation having the power to trigger such a review at any time.

7.      On the ending of the project, the three organisations will review any information collected and shared, and whether any or all of it should be retained or deleted.

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