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Hi all,

Thanks for all of this – I’ve also had some further input from our Head 
of Organisational Resilience – I am planning to share this with the 
broader group who attended the ‘Returning to Community Buildings’ session.

With the full disclaimer that the Council cannot offer specific advice 
on interpreting the rules in any authoritative sense. Any interpretation 
we offer is based only on the same guidance as is publicly available and 
could be incorrect. With that disclaimer:

Referring to the following:


This section is relevant here:

    3. Rules in other venues and activities

Venues following COVID-19 secure guidelines 
be able to continue to host more people in total - such as religious 
services in places of worship - but no one should visit in a group of 
greater than 6.When you visit one of these places, such as a pub, shop, 
leisure venue, restaurant or place of worship you should:

  * follow the limits on the number of other people you should meet with
    as a group - no more than six people unless you all live together
    (or are in the same support bubble)
  * avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group you are with,
    even if you see other people you know
  * provide your contact details to the organiser so that you can be
    contacted if needed by the NHS Test and Trace programme

So we think this means that:

  * People coming to a Community Centre must come in groups of no more
    than 6
  * In each activity or event, the rule of 6 applies (unless there is an
  * But the venue could host more people in total (i.e. in concurrent
    events in separate spaces/rooms), as long as the building is
    following the Covid-19 secure guidelines as a whole, and working to
    avoid interactions.

Section 2 gives the list of exceptions….  I have highlighted those that 
seem most applicable.

  * where everyone lives together or is in the same support bubble, or
    to continue existing arrangements where children do not live in the
    same household as both their parents
  * for work, and voluntary or charitable services
  * for education, training, or registered childcare (including
    wraparound care)
  * fulfilling legal obligations such as attending court or jury service
  * providing emergency assistance, or providing support to a vulnerable
  * for you or someone else to avoid illness, injury or harm
  * participate in children’s playgroups
  * wedding and civil partnership ceremonies and receptions, or for
    other religious life-cycle ceremonies - where up to 30 people will
    be able to attend
  * funerals - where up to 30 people will be able to attend
  * organised indoor and outdoor sports, physical activity and exercise
    classes (see the list of recreational team sports
    outdoor sport
    exercise allowed under the gyms and leisure centre guidance

  * youth groups or activities
  * elite sporting competition or training
  * protests and political activities organised in compliance with
    COVID-19 secure guidance and subject to strict risk assessments

  * With regards to the queries re martial arts, circuit training etc –
    the link to the gyms and leisure centres guidance is actually very
    general, so I see no restrictions on what sort of sports can be hosted.
  * I think the dance troupe is more debatable.  Is this training?  That
    would probably imply for some sort of paid / professional activity. 
    But it may well be interpreted as an organised indoor physical
    activity, in which case I would think it was ok.  If the dance
    troupe is a youth group or activity, then it is certainly ok.
  * The education activity exemption above does not require that it is
    carried out in a formal school setting.

*We would advise that in all these cases, the venue should ask the 
organiser of the activity to assure themselves that their activity was 
lawful and Covid-secure, as they are also responsible for their actions.*

Best wishes,


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