[community centres] Closure of Irish Centre - a statement from July 2020

Dave Morris davetottenham at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 30 16:43:31 GMT 2020

We have reported in the HCCN minutes that the Irish Centre had had to 
close earlier this summer. Just seen this official statement from the 
Council... forwarded for your information.

Best wishes

Dave - for the Haringey Community Centres Network

  Closure of the Haringey Irish Cultural and Community Centre

Haringey Council:
July 24, 2020

In early July, the council was informed that the Haringey Irish Cultural 
and Community Centre and its trading subsidiary had entered into 
voluntary liquidation.

The Haringey Irish Centre, as it is known, has for many years offered a 
range of services to local residents including, information and advice, 
a luncheon club and day services, both directly and through a number of 
organisations which occupy the premises.

The Centre itself is also used as an events venue, hosting large wakes, 
receptions, baptisms and other family celebrations, which have been 
sources of income along with income on match days from both car parking 
charges and bar sales.

However, these activities have not been possible during lockdown and, as 
a result of the pandemic, the Centre has seen a significant loss of the 
income streams, which has unfortunately contributed to the current 

The Council is the freeholder of the Centre, a charity, and its trading 
subsidiary, which occupy a community building and site on a 20-year 
lease with no rent payable which was due to expire in 2027.

The Council is committed to exploring different options to maintain the 
services that were delivered at the Irish Centre and to supporting the 
other tenants in the building, which we see as a community asset for the 

Cllr Mark Blake, Cabinet Member for Communities and Equalities, said:

    “Sadly, the Haringey Irish Centre has gone into liquidation, and we
    fully appreciate the distress the closure has caused to the staff
    who worked at the centre and the residents who relied on it for support.

    “Work was undertaken to explore a merger with other organisations,
    this was, however, unsuccessful owing to current circumstances.

    “We recognise the significant impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is
    having on our local community infrastructure, which can be reliant
    on income from activities which have not been possible during
    lockdown and which appears to be the case here.

    “The council had no representatives on the trustee board. However,
    since being informed of the liquidation we are seeking to support
    residents who have been receiving support, information and advice
    from the Centre and to keep the other tenants in the building, to
    ensure that residents continue to have access to the services that
    they need.”

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