[community centres] URGENT. FILL IN NOW: Your financial situation + LBH/HCCN Joint Meeting next Wednesday

Dave Morris davetottenham at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 27 22:44:59 GMT 2020

*Haringey Community Centres Network*

To all community-run Community Centres

following our HCCN emergency meeting last week (attended by 6 Centres, 
minutes to follow), we are expecting to meet up with the relevant 
Council officers and Cabinet Member next Wednesday - see below. We want 
to try to ensure that Haringey's vital community-run Community Centres - 
and the important services they provide to all our communities - can 
survive the current financial crisis most of us face.

Please answer the following 7 questions and return to me as soon as 
possible (eg today!):

Name of Centre you represent:   ..............

1. Are you in a Council-owned building?   Yes / No

2. Are you currently closed due to covid restrictions?:   Yes / No / 
Only partially

3. Are you currently able to raise funds to cover your full 
maintenance/management/repair costs?:   Yes / No / Only partially

4. Are you facing a financial crisis which could lead to permanent 
closure?:  Yes / No

5. If Yes, how long are you likely to survive without substantial 
financial support?    [Add]  ___ months

6. Are there any other ways you feel the Council could support your 
Centre, in addition to the 9 'asks' set out below? If so please outline:


7. Would you like to be part of our online HCCN delegation next 
Wednesday in support of the 9 calls for support below (numbers may be 
limited)?  Yes / No

If Yes, please add your name and phone number below:

Name: Phone number:

Many thanks

Dave Morris, for the HCCN


*Haringey Community Centres Network*


To Poppy [Thomas], Charlotte [Pomery] and [Cllr] Mark [Blake] (All LBH)

Regarding our joint meeting re-scheduled to next Wednesday, we await 
confirmation of the exact time (you have proposed 10am or 3.30pm, which 
we are happy to run with).

We had a successful emergency meeting of the Network last week and we 
are pleased to continue our constructive partnership with the Council 
for the benefit of the sector and our communities.

You have asked us for, and we have identified, some key ways in which 
the Council can provide practical support for Centres** to prevent their 
financial collapse due to Government-imposed restrictions. Some 
long-established Centres have shockingly already been forced to close.

In the light of the continuing forced closure or serious disruption of 
our work, and to ensure no further Centres are forced to close down due 
to inability to afford to pay bills and costs, we would like the 
following to be discussed at that meeting:

1. Continuation of the*rent **holiday *for Centres, as discussed and 
agreed during the first Lockdown.

2. *Business rates* be suspended. Were these all covered by the planned 
Government grant to every Council during Lockdown 1?. The Council had 
been expected to be writing to all Haringey businesses (including the 
Centres who pay business rates) with a claim form. [We'd like a list of 
those Centres who were eligible for either suspension or grant, and who 
received such].

3. *General grants *for maintaining the sustainability of centres.. did 
these get widely received by Centres? Will they continue?[We'd like a 
list of those Centres who were eligible for the grant, and the amounts 
each have received up to now].

4.Add Centres to the *Veolia contract* for free waste collection on a 
temporary basis (eg. designated alongside the other Council buildings 
who get the free collection service)

5. Add Centres based in Council-owned buildings to the Council’s central 
*maintenance contract * and tackle repairs at each Centre on a temporary 
basis during the crisis period

6. Supply *PPE**and disinfecting equipment* that can be used to make 
centres safe.

7. Provide central advice, guidelines, equipment and finance to enable 
community centre kitchens (where they exist) to operate safely and to 
provide free *hot meals or takeaway packages* to those needing them in 
all parts of the Borough.

8. Enable the relevant Centres to negotiate the *25year leases *the 
Council has recognised are needed

9. Start to implement the agreed *'social value' 
offsetting-against-rent* process for future rent calculations

best wishes

Dave Morris, for the HCCN

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