[community centres] HCCN meeting 10am, followed by HCCN/Council meeting Wed 25th Nov (tbc) - the key issues

Dave Morris davetottenham at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 24 15:35:43 GMT 2020

*Haringey Community Centres Network*


Hi all

In the light of the continuing forced closure or disruption of Centres' 
work, I have been trying to get an answer from the Council for many 
weeks regarding

- Continuation of the rent holiday for all, as negotiated and agreed 
during the first Lockdown.

- Centres having free waste collection services from Veolia.

- Continuing availability of grants

As a result a meeting is being currently arranged between reps of the 
HCCN and the Council tomorrow, Wednesday 25th Nov, probably 11am (still 
awaiting this to be confirmed). Should include Charlotte Pomery and Cllr 
Blake, but this has not yet been confirmed either. I have today left 
messages with all the relevant officers and Cllr Blake to get back to me.

However, there are many potential other ways the Council might be able 
to support our vital sector to try to survive the current financial 
crisis we all face. See below for a list. More ideas welcome.

*Hence I am calling a short emergency zoom meeting of Community Centres 
at 10am tomorrow, Wed Nov 25th, for us to discuss what our current 
collective position is.* The meeting of a representative group of us 
with the Council might follow at 11am, or (if not confirmed) may be 
rescheduled to a later date.

Dave Morris, Lordship Hub - for the HCCN      [My number is 07952 165493]

*HCCN meeting link, 10am: * https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83226648192 

HCCN reps / LBH meeting, 11am - to be confirmed

*Our current asks of the Council to be discussed, including:*

·- the continued suspension of rent

·- business rates be suspended.  Were these covered by the planned 
Government grant to every Council during Lockdown 1?. The Council had 
been expected to be writing to all Haringey businesses (who pay business 
rates) with a claim form.

·- General grants for maintaining the sustainability of centres.. did 
these get widely received by Centres? Will they continue?

       - Add Centres to the Veolia contract for free waste collection 
(designated alongside Council buildings)

-     - Consider adding Centres to the Council’s central maintenance 
contract and tackle repairs at each Centre during the closed period if 
maintenance contractors are working and can operate safely

·- Supply PPE and disinfecting equipment that can be used to make 
centres safe.

·- Provide central advice, guidelines, equipment and finance to enable 
community centre kitchens to operate safely and to provide free hot 
meals or takeaway packages to those needing them in all parts of the 

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