November 30 – biggest strike day EVER

November 24, 2011

All Out N30There’s still a week to go, but it’s looking like next Wednesday will see about three million public sector workers walking out on strike, as civil servants join teachers in opposing government cuts to pensions.

PCS, UCU, NUT and ATL had all previously balloted for further industrial action, so their members will be out.  But added to them are a seemingly ever-growing list of other trade unions, including Unison, GMB, Unite, UCATT and NASUWT. (To see a more comprehensive list with breakdowns of ballot results, see Who’s out on Nov 30 on

This strike is part of a growing campaign of resistance to stop attacks on the public sector and the services it provides.
‘Gold-plated’ public sector pensions are just one of the many myths peddled by those who want to drive a wedge between workers: the average public sector pension is less than £5,000 a year. For women in local government, the average annual pension is just £1,600.

Cuts to public sector pensions will not restore the youth centres, elderly facilities and other public services that have already been cut and privatised, nor will they restore the cuts already made to private sector pensions. That’s why we must unite behind the strikers to oppose this attack on their pensions.

It’s important that everyone who supports the strike, goes along to a local picket line if they can. Picket lines will be starting from as early as 7am, outside council offices, local schools, job centres and elsewhere.

For many workers, it will be their first time out on strike. Some will be in two minds whether or not to go in, and every extra body on the picket line will be an extra reason for them not to cross it. For others, who have braved the cold weather and the dirty looks from management, a show of support from members of the public will be an extra morale boost and encourage them to keep fighting.

Find out where your local picket lines are on the Haringey Alliance for Public Services interactive strike map. And if you’re a local public sector worker who’s taking action that day, then add your workplace to the map, or email HAPS if you’re not sure how. 

Anyone not on vital picket duty will be getting together for a rally at 10am at the College of NE London, Tottenham High Rd, before heading down to the central London demo or supporting strike action locally.

For more information about your local anti-cuts campaign, go to the HAPS website and sign up for email updates.

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