IT’S OUR TOTTENHAM! STREET ASSEMBLY – 12 noon, Wards Corner Market, Tottenham High Road, N15

July 2, 2013

The Council, backed by property developers and big business, are promoting their ‘Plan for Tottenham’. They want to force us to accept large-scale profit-driven development, increased rents, more unaffordable housing – and the loss of some independent local shops and community facilities. This will seriously affect our lives and our communities, and rising rents will force many local people out of the area.

This is unacceptable. It doesn’t have to be like this. Together we are very powerful.  We call on local people to speak out for our real needs, and to defend our communities.


  • SAY NO to evictions and demolitions of homes or small shops, to high rents, and to the loss of local community facilities and services
  • DEMAND the improvements to our streets and neighbourhoods we actually need – and affordable, secure homes for all
  • SUPPORT campaigning for community-led regeneration and for projects that improve our neighbourhoods


Across Tottenham many in our communities are working together to improve our neighbourhoods and to protect the facilities that matter to us. These are just a few of the examples…

North Tottenham
Swathes of affordable housing and many local businesses are set to be lost or priced out to make way for a new chainstore-led retail & leisure area with an expanded new Spurs stadium at its centre.  Activists are opposing the threat of demolition of housing and local shops to make way for an unnecessary ‘walkway’ connecting Spurs and the train station. Further to the west, a 25yr long campaign has so far succeeded in saving Bull Lane Playing Fields – they have developed their own plans to improve the site for sports.

Central Tottenham
Broadwater Farm Estate and Lordship Rec are two areas which have greatly benefited from successful community-led regeneration efforts. The estate was transformed throughout the 1990s, and the adjacent park has just completed a £5m makeover. This shows that great things can be achieved when the community is in the driving seat. On the other side of the High Road, Lord Morrison Hall is one of a number of community centres opposing the threat of eviction.

South Tottenham
The Wards Corner Community Coalition are opposing the demolition of homes and businesses on a block above and around Seven Sisters Tube. Since 2007 the community has organised many large public meetings and protests, delayed the developers plans, taken the Council to court and produced a community-led vision for the site. We also salute the successful protest campaign which saved the nearby Everybody’s Music.

South West Tottenham
There are public concerns about the St Ann’s Hospital site over proposals to sell off much of the site for housing.

South East Tottenham
A number of tall blocks of flats have been built at Tottenham Hale. Park users successfully prevented a part of Down Lane Park from being built on, and then secured funding for the improvements they need.

OUR Voices, OUR Neighbourhoods, OUR Communities

Tottenham is a great place with a rich social and architectural history, made up of vibrant, diverse and talented communities. We want to ensure this continues!

We call on all those who live or work here to stand up for the needs of our communities. Together we must protest against the policies and practices of the Council and property developers that do not benefit the people of Tottenham.


In every neighbourhood throughout Tottenham we should support or create new community groups and campaigns which take action to…

  • Defend community facilities and services
  • Stand up for decent & affordable housing for all
  • Support small businesses
  • Promote quality design and respect for heritage
  • Improve the street environment and green spaces
  • Support youth voices, services and facilities
  • Empower our communities
  • Develop our own local community plans

JOIN IN our lobby/delegation at the full Council meeting: Monday 15th July, 6.30pm @ Civic Centre, High Rd, N22
AFFILIATE to the Our Tottenham network. The network includes:
Weir Hall Action Group / Bull Lane Playing Fields Campaign, Wards Corner Community Coalition, Lord Morrison Hall / Afro International, Friends of Lordship Rec, Tottenham Community Choir, Love Lane Action Group, Tower Gardens Residents Group, Clyde Area Residents Association, Selby Centre, Living Under One Sun, Chestnuts Community Centre, Peoples World Carnival Band, Tottenham Concerned Residents Committee, Tottenham Civic Society, Haringey Defend Council Housing, Defend Haringey Health Services, Haringey Solidarity Group, Find Your Voice, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations, Haringey Housing Action Group, North London Community House, Day-Mer, Haringey Green Party, Haringey Alliance for Public Services, The Banc     @Our_Tottenham

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