HSG and Reel News screening – Getting Green Issues back into Social Struggle

Reel News film night flyer

June 3, 2011

Reel News film night flyer

Haringey Solidarity Group

On the occasion of Haringey Sustainability Month

~ Presents ~

A Reel News Film-Screening

Social / Info-Night / Fundraiser

Films – Green Activist Speakers – Discussions – Vegetarian Food – Drinks

Sunday 12th June 6 PM – 9 PM

@ Giuseppe Conlon House (London Catholic Worker church) 49 Mattison Road, London N4 1BG (off Green Lanes)

How do we get green issues back into the Social Struggle?

In the wake of the economic crisis, and with massive public sector cuts threatening our very social fabric, Capitalism is once again sweeping urgent issues of environmental sustainability and climate change under the carpet – promising to destroy not just our lives but our planet too. Some are calling for a Green New Deal as a positive alternative to Austerity. But wouldn’t such top-down, state and capitalist driven solutions only defer the problems of social justice and environmental sustainability? Are there other, bottom up, people driven answers out there, and are they a preferable route?

With a Screening of two Films brought to you by the Reel News Collective.


The hopeful real life story of an urban community’s Green Self-Empowerment in the face of post-industrial dereliction: Detroit’s residents, in the face of the urban, social and economic decay left in the wake of the ongoing Capitalist Crisis and swingeing public service cuts, have taken matters into their own hands, reviving their communities through a thriving patchwork of urban farms where Detroit’s residents have cultivated not just organic food, but also social ties, mutual aid, and artistic expression.

“if someone else sells you the food that you eat, the house that you live in and the shirt on your back, you ain’t never gonna be free.” ~ Detroit food grower


Recounting the start of a major campaign backed by Trade Unions and environmental activists, arguing that the cuts are unfair, unnecessary and unacceptable. Instead of massive austerity measures and swingeing public sector job culls, the campaign fights to create a million new jobs with a Green New Deal to lower carbon emissions and kick start the economy.

– Proceeds of the event will go to Haringey Solidarity Group

For further information, contact Haringey Solidarity Group

www.haringey.org.uk – www.reelnews.co.uk – www.londoncatholicworker.org

For a full programme of events in Haringey Sustainability Month, visit the Sustainable Haringey website

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