How Haringey workers and residents are responding to council plans for £70m cuts

January 30, 2015


Supported by local community networks, trades unions, service user campaigns, and political organisations

LOBBY: Tuesday 10th February, 5.30pm
Lobby the Council’s cabinet meeting – Outside the Civic Centre, High Rd N22

DEMONSTRATION: Monday 23rd February, 5.30pm

Demonstration through Wood Green
5.30pm Assemble at Ducketts Common
– March to the civic centre
6.30pm: rally outside full council meeting

What can we all do ?

* Have your say in the Council’s so-called ‘consultations’ as it’s important that people speak out AGAINST ALL CUTS at every opportunity

* Sign the petition against cuts to day centres and closure of residential homes  – online at:
or on street stalls where you will see around the borough in coming weeks

* Sign the petitions against closure of youth services at: (twitter at @SaveHaringeyYS) and cuts at Marcus Garvey Library at

* Get involved in the many local campaigns, including defending Council housing estates from ‘redevelopment’, defending Marcus Garvey Library from cuts, supporting community-run community centres, and to end the charging of Haringey’s poorest residents for Council Tax shortfalls.  Or set up your own to defend the services and facilities you care about. Support and publicise their petitions and protests.

* Write to your councillors, MPs, and the local press. Get your residents’ group, pensioners’ group, carers’ group, trade union to do so too. Also demand Parliamentary candidates for the 2015 election say where they stand and support the campaigns to defend all services.

What’s the solution ?

* The Council could just say NO. If one Council says that, it might just get ‘taken over’ by government commissioners like a ‘failing‘ school. But if 10, 50, or 100 Councils say that, what then? It’s not just Haringey – only if the public and councillors across London and the country stand up to the government will they back down. Talk to friends and relatives in other areas; share ideas how we can fight this.

* The Council could set a budget for one year only, not 3 years – and tell whoever wins the election in May (eg Labour) they must do differently. The national debt is not ours – it’s the debt of the bankers and the rich tax-dodgers! Apparently this rich country can fund Trident and one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the western world, but not vital services for ordinary people.

* The Council could use some of its reserves to keep services going – they have almost £96million. For 2015 they have set aside over £9 million for categories they never thought were needed before, £2 million for ‘supporting people into work’ and over £7 million to ‘deal with the volatility around the collection of Council Tax’!! And ££millions are squandered on greedy £500-a-day consultants.

* They could raise council tax for the richest residents and use the proceeds to re-instate council tax benefit as well as keep services going.

* They could press for emergency powers at London level eg. to tax landlords who leave homes empty or exploit tenants.

Instead they give us fibs about making a ‘stronger Haringey’ and give only till 18th January for a ‘consultation’. Let’s step up the protests and opposition.

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