How can local people fight back together against bills, hardship, debt and evictions? Come and share your thoughts. Tuesday 7th June, 7.30pm

May 17, 2022

Tuesday 7th June, 7.30pm — at the All Good Bookshop, 35 Turnpike Lane, N8 0EP.

The majority of people who live or work locally, already struggling to pay their bills and feed their families, are currently facing even more massive increases in the costs of all the necessities of life. This is outrageous and totally unacceptable — it is blatant discrimination against working class people and all those without enough money.

The rich make sure they get richer every year despite all their already obscene levels of wealth, and the Government is determined to ensure business as usual, capitalism as usual, poverty as usual. We say everyone is entitled to what they need, and we all need to be as determined as the rich and powerful to fight for OUR interests.

What can we do about this together?

Whilst there are plenty of great examples throughout Haringey of individuals and groups supporting each other and their communities, there needs to be organised and widespread collective resistance to the current assault on us all and the imposition of further poverty. This is not pie in the sky. The current poverty crisis follows on from the Covid crisis, in which the Government was faced with massive public pressure forcing them to ban evictions, increase benefits, subsidise wages and increase spending on public services.

We want to see a fight back. We are calling a special meeting to discuss the possibilities: could this include for example protests and stunts, resistance to housing evictions, resistance to cut offs of gas and electricity etc, grassroots mobilisations, formation of street-based solidarity groups (like the recent Covid-crisis mutual aid groups), a campaigning alliance of local organisations?

We invite you to attend with your views and ideas for a discussion about what could be achieved together.

Haringey Solidarity Group

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