Haringey postal workers support group launched

October 20, 2009

Postal workers, including all those in Haringey, are defending their wages and conditions, defending the Post Office as a public service against privatisation, and defending the right of workers to organise in the face of management bullying and efforts to break the Union. Royal Mail, the Government and most of the media were on the offensive against postal workers despite enormous public support for the strikers. This has provoked a national strike, which postal workers by a massive majority voted to back.

There is now an urgent need to mobilise public support, solidarity and publicity, and to strengthen the picket lines at sorting offices on strike days. A victory for the postal workers would be a victory for all workers and for all those who want to defend public services generally.

At a meeting at the North London Community Centre on 20th October, it was agreed to launch a support group, and meet again the following week (and then regularly) to sort out practicalities. Those present pledged to…

– organise bucket collections at tube stations in Wood Green and Seven Sisters
– encourage workplace collections and maximum support from trades union branches and other workplaces
– distribute leaflets (initially to be provided by London CWU) to the public
– urge as many people as possible to attend picket lines (especially 6am-8am) at all local sorting offices on Friday if the national strike goes ahead, and on any future strike days
– attend a London-wide solidarity meeting next Monday
– oppose the hiring of casual workers as a strike-breaking force
– support other key initiatives (such as Alan Woodward’s picket-line updates, the planned Reel News documentary etc)

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