Haringey Alliance for Public Services meeting to discuss appointment of new CEO

October 23, 2012

Following a 30-strong protest after very short notice outside the council meeting to appoint the new CEO, and the mass protest against cuts in central London on Saturday, the Haringey Alliance for Public Services is having a general meeting this Wednesday.

Please can all local community and workplace activists and organisations try to attend to discuss the way forward…. If you cannot attend please send an email update from you or your group – and any comments/suggestions you have.

Haringey Alliance for Public Services meeting
Wednesday 24th October, 7pm
North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Road, N17 (behind Bruce Grove station)

At a hastily called council meeting on 16 October, Haringey councillors overwhelmingly approved the appointment of Nick Walkley. The new Chief Executive comes fresh from implementing a mass privatisation programme of outsourcing at Barnet council. Activists from the Barnet Alliance for Public Services will be coming to the Haringey meeting. They have fought hard against the cuts imposed by the council. Friern Barnet library, recently closed by the council, has been occupied and reopened by local people and supports from the Occupy movement.  

The leader of Haringey Council, Claire Kober, saw fit to sniff at “concerns voiced” at the prospect of Walkley’s appointment, and derided those she said had been criticising “from the comfort of their online communities” – at which point she was loudly booed by local residents in the public gallery. 

Speaking in defence of the council’s decision, and the clear concerns about the new chief exec, Councillor Meehan said that “privatisation of the council is not going to happen”.  There will be many local residents who will want to hold him to that. 

Only three councillors were prepared to object to the appointment of the new chief executive: the lone Labour party objector, Alan Stanton, gave thanks to the “Barnet bloggers”, who have been casting the spotlight on Walkey’s exploits as part of the One Barnet programme. Our council will need similar scrutiny if we’re to protect services for local residents.

Walkley is likely to start working for Haringey council at the beginning of December, and will be subject to a six-month probationary period.

Links: BBC Radio 4 – File on 4 programme, Public, Private and Profitable: an investigation of outsourcing of public services, uncovering the huge profits earned by private companies at the public’s expense ¦ Haringey Alliance for Public Services


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