Edmonton Coca Cola workers turn off tap

September 5, 2010

Workers at Coca Cola’s Edmonton factory have announced two six hour strikes, shutting down production at the plant.
The move comes as the 110-strong workforce steps up its fight for an improved pay offer.  

Coca-Cola has offered a two percent deal this year but with inflation currently running at five percent and increases to VAT around the corner, the workers’ union Unite has said this amounts to a pay cut.
Unite is seeking an offer which reflects the cost of living in the capital and the contribution of the workforce to the huge and enduring profitability of the company.
Wayne King, Unite regional officer, said: “Coca-Cola is one of the world’s biggest brands but its stingy behaviour towards its workforce is not something they can be proud of.  This company is not suffering during the recession so it is immoral for Coca-Cola to use the climate of austerity to foist a pay cut on its workforce.

“CCE is not playing straight on pay – a derisory deal which is only there if the workers’ union recommends it – is not an offer, it is an attempt to get the union involved in their swindle.  The size of the vote in favour of action shows that the workers are just not falling for it.

“All the workforce is asking for is a fair deal. Unite remains fully committed to meaningful discussions, as we have been throughout this process and we hope CCE will now take the opportunity before it to settle this matter fairly.”

On Wednesday, September 8th the first wave of strike actions will begin.  Production lines at the Edmonton plant will be stopped for two six-hour periods during the 24 hours.  Similar stoppages will be repeated over the following weeks unless a fairer deal is tabled.

Workers recently returned an 81 percent vote in favour of strike action at the plant and more than nine out of ten workers voted for action short of a strike.  Unite represents more than 110 members of the 150-strong workforce at the Nobel Road plant. Coca-Cola produces about two million bottles every 24 hours at Edmonton and nationally employs more than 4,000 people.

For further information, please contact Pauline Doyle, Unite press office, on 07976 832 861

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3 September 2010
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