Cops “only doing their jobs” again

December 11, 2020


Or bullies in blue attacks young boy

On 10th December 2020 there seems to have been an incident in West Green Road near Park View School. Cops stop a 16-year-old boy and footage shows the cops not only holding the boy but then while they are restraining him, punching him in the face. Luckily a quick minded bystander videoed it

Check out the footage here –

And obviously plod on the streets think they can get away with murder when their bossed (this time Detective Superintendent Treena Fleming) come out with statements like “I am aware of videos circulating on social media showing part of the incident and we are working to establish the full circumstances of what occurred. “A criminal investigation is under way to ascertain how the officers received their injuries and welfare support is being provided to them.” what about the injuries and welfare support for 16 year old who was brutalised by a grown man in a uniform? God, these people know they are above the law!!

Friends and family called a demo to start at Park View school at 2pm the next day. Some of us from Haringey Solidarity Group went along in solidarity. About 100 or so, mainly young black people, took the streets in a lively protest which ended on the steps of Tottenham cop shop.


How many more bloody times do we need to be outside that shitty building (the cop shop) demanding coppers stop beating, arresting and killing our friends and neighbours. And do any cops ever get found guilty – course they f**king don’t.

None of them went down for killing Cynthia Jarrett in 1985 or for fitting up Winston Silcott, Engin Raghip and Mark Braithwaite with the death of PC Blakelock, even though there was 100% evidence the cops lied. No one cop even got their hands slapped for killing Joy Gardner, Roger Sylvester or Mark Duggan. We all know what happened – but somehow the cops, judges and the state gang up and come up with compete bollocks to prove their police mates’ innocence. Delroy and Sonia Lindo were harassed for years by the cops and for a time left the UK – just because they were trying to get an innocent man (Winston Silcott) out of jail for something he didn’t do.

Some of us have stood outside that bloody building too many times. If it did some good, we should pull it down brick by brick. But it probably wouldn’t stop the state beating, arresting and killing us. We need some serious thinking to work out how we stop this never ending circle of police violence against our communities. Revolution and getting rid of the cops seems a good start!


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