Cooperation Tottenham Food Co-op

May 29, 2021

Cooperation Tottenham Food Co-op


Our communities have been hit hard by years of austerity and most recently, Covid-19. This ongoing crisis has left many of us poorer, with no access to public services and isolated in our struggles.

Decisions about our housing, education, jobs and health are made by strangers, who don’t know us, ignore our needs and disregard our experience.  Often, businesses have more say about how our communities are organised and run, rather than the people who live there. They make decisions that affect us — without us.

But there is another way!

When we work together with neighbours and colleagues we can take control over our lives. From food to housing, jobs to public spaces — we share the problems and the solutions! The co-op structure is just one way in which we can organise around our needs. Organising together makes us stronger and more resilient — and saves us money!

Cooperation Tottenham food cooperative was formed last summer and began operating on the 16th February 2021. The inspiration came from Cooperation Town in Kentish Town who have been really supportive in helping local Tottenham residents set up their own food co-op.

Cooperation Tottenham supports people on low wages, benefits or anyone who is struggling financially and allows them to decide how to manage the food they receive when they become a member of the cooperative.

Unlike a food bank, where recipients are means tested and have no say in how the service is run, Cooperation Tottenham is owned by its members, who decide together what to buy and how to run the co-op. It is a not-for-profit group, set up to meet members needs. It is based on solidarity, not charity, so anyone who becomes a member of the co-op will be expected to play a part in running the co-op. The beauty of it is there isn’t much to do, it isn’t that difficult and doesn’t take too much of anyones time.

Based at High Cross, Cooperation Tottenham receive a weekly delivery of free food from the Felix Project. Members also pay £3.50 a week to buy food and other provisions in bulk, making food affordable for those most in need.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to apply for membership please email or call Dave on 07932 328 760

Or if you would like to start your own food cooperative get in touch with Cooperation Town email


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