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May 11, 2020

    For years we had to accept “austerity” as Britain didn’t have any money. Ordinary people had to “tighten their belts” while the rich became super rich. But Britain was “skint”. We ‘couldn’t afford’ pay rises or increases in benefits. Hospital beds were lost, NHS staff were treated like scum. Jobs we knew were […]

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Why I am angry! NHS worker speaks out

May 1, 2020

The following is a heartfelt response from a frontline worker in the NHS. We would like to add that some of the comments in the article wouldn’t be shared by all of us in HSG. Nevertheless it is a compelling read which highlights the incompetence and pure disregard of those in power.  I am a […]

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Haringey Council: ensuring “business-led” development in Tottenham

August 21, 2013

Haringey Council has recently said that it will listen to the concerns of local traders over the ongoing ‘regeneration’ of Tottenham High Road, which many fear is little more gentrification. Many traders have been recently speaking out against proposed demolitions and the threat of higher rents which could close many local family businesses. But despite […]

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Launch of Tottenham Defence Campaign

September 30, 2011

The Tottenham-based families of Mark Duggan, Roger Sylvester, Cynthia Jarrett and Joy Gardner – whose loved ones all died following detention by police officers – will speak at a press conference for the launch of the Tottenham Defence Campaign on Wednesday 5th October. This is two months since the shooting of Mark Duggan and the […]

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Billboard bombardment


July 30, 2008

CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME Advertisers try to persuade us that our lives will benefit from buying their products. However, if we spend more money, we are likely to need more money. Unless we’re very lucky, that means we have to work longer and harder to get it or to pay off debts. This doesn’t sound like […]

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