Anti-cuts campaign show of strength at Civic Centre

September 14, 2010

Over 120 people braved the miserable September rain to show their opposition to proposed public sector cuts. 

The lively rally at Wood Green Civic Centre was called by Haringey Alliance for Public Services to coincide with the first cabinet meeting of the council after the summer break. The precise nature of the government public sector cuts are yet to be announced, and the feeling is that it will be difficult to get the majority of people interested in a campaign against cuts until the details are revealed. If so, then this was certainly a promising turnout.

There were speakers from a few of the local trade union branches – PCS and Unite – and others from North London Community House (Day-Mer), Haringey Friends of Parks Forum and Haringey Solidarity Group. In the crowd was a large contingent of Haringey Unison (Local Government) members, but many users of essential services would have been deterred by the weather.

If we are to build a successful campaign, we will have to diversify our tactics so that all service users can show their opposition alongside public sector workers. We also need to be reaching out to the private sector workers whose jobs are also affected (i.e. like the Connaught employees who were told via a conference call that they’d lost their jobs).

But back to the rally – it was just about finishing when a late arrival was seen on the steps – Kevin Crompton, the Chief Executive of Haringey Council. What are the chances that he will be taking a cut to his £200k salary, before sanctioning cuts to essential Haringey services?

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