Evelyn Court residents picket landlord offices to carry out repairs

IDS demo

February 11, 2022

On Wednesday, 9th February there was a very strong and lively protest against Industrial Dwellings Society (IDS) on the east side of the High Road, Seven Sisters by resident and many groups (including HSG) and individuals. 60 to 70 protesters with banners and many placards gathered outside IDS’s premises around 10am.

The protesters showed their unity and anger against IDS. The resident at Evelyn Court, Hackney have been living with dangerous mould and disrepair for years. They finally had enough and decided to take direct action against IDS, their landlords

They were protesting today, to demand that their homes are made safe again, and urgent repair, requested by the tenants for years, and ignored by their Landlord are carried out now.

The resident at Evelyn Court organised themselves and gathered with help of London Renters Union to change the conditions at Evelyn Court for good.  They demand that the IDS CEO meets with them and commits to sorting out the damp and disrepair which badly affect their lives.

For more information contact London Renters Union at https://londonrentersunion.org/ or email Haringey Solidarity Group

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